Interested in helping us improve outcomes for children and giving something back to the community?

Become a Governor

Our academies/schools are always looking for capable and experienced people to be local governors.  People passionate about their local academy / school and who will support and work side by side with the Headteacher:

  • helping the academy / school to ‘live out’ it’s vision and values, nurturing wisdom;
  • developing relationships with the local community and church;
  • fostering the engagement of the whole academy / school community and promoting their wellbeing
  • assuring compliance with requirements, acting as local ‘eyes and ears’ for the Trust Board.

Our academies / schools have Academy Governance Committees (AGCs) who have been delegated specific responsibilities by the Trust Board, as set out in the Scheme of Delegation and the document entitled ‘The Role of the Academy Governance Committee’ .  The AGCs are accountable to the Trust Board, as are the Central Executive Team who are charged with the management of the Trust as a whole and each academy / school within it.  The Trust Board sets the vision, ethos and strategic direction and holds the Central Executive Team to account for:

  • the specific educational performance of each academy / school and its pupils;
  • the appointment, development and performance management of academy staff (through the headteacher) and for the performance management of the Headteacher / executive Headteacher;
  • the management of the finances of the Trust as a whole and therefore each academy/school within it, ensuring that money is well spent.

Importantly for a Church of England Multi Academy Trust (MAT), in order to achieve our declared vision of ‘Working together for each child to realise their God given potential to flourish’ the Trust needs first class governance that supports its academies/schools in delivering excellent education in a sustainable manner.  This requires the coordination and collaboration of the Trust Board, the Central Executive Team and local governors.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a governor at one of our academies / schools, please contact your local academy/school or contact us directly by emailing: and we would be delighted to discuss it with you.